It all started with my dad's old camera, an Olympus OM 1. I still remember the first time that my dad let me borrow it. I was so nervous and he just looked at me and told me the same thing that he always say "the worst thing that can happen is that it breaks. So have fun instead." So far I have not broken any camera but since that day I have loved taking pictures. Just as much as I love animals, good old country music and flea markets on Saturdays - followed by a nice breakfast at the local bakery. 

When I was 25 I moved to the US and studied photography for 3 years. I learned from the best and I spent time with inspring and creative people who made me a better photographer. I loved my years in Santa Barbara, California and today it is my second home. This is my happy place where I go to get my inspiration.
      "I want to capture those special moments in time and I want to share them with you."
Today I live in a quaint small town called Varberg located on the west coast of Sweden. Here I live my dream life together with my boyfriend Robert and my two horses Nova & Lilleman. Varberg is such a cool place, surrounded by the sea, endless valleys and deep forests. When I'm not busy creating new products for this little web shop I work as a photographer and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to work with something that brings me so much joy. If you're curious about about me as a photographer you will find my website over here
I want to capture those special moments in time and I want to share them with you. I want to do this through my passion for photography and I want to create a product that will last for years to come. I create my photographs when I'm out walking, during those spontaneous road-trips, on my trail-rides together with my horses and during my trips back to California. Some are captured with my latest and most modern cameras and some are taken with my very first camera, the one that I got to inherit from my dad. I have selected my favourite "moments" and I have created my own line of photographic prints. I hope you will enjoy it! 
Please contact me with any questions or feedback that you may have. I'm happy to answer all of them.